Engineering Services:

Systems engineering

Systems architecture, marketing requirements analysis, functional specifications, reliability analysis, requirements management

Design and Development of Mechanical Systems

Mechanical design, CAD, CAE, FEA, ProE, Solid Works, Cosmos, thermal analysis, animation, Rapid Prototyping, Rapid Tooling development, mechanical assembly, robotics, machine automation, NDE, mechanical testing

Electronics Circuit Design, Prototyping and Testing

Digital and analog circuit design, PCB design and layout, RF design, electro-optics, subsystem prototyping, system integration and test

Thermal Design

Thermal design, thermal cycle testing, thermal analysis, thermal imaging, thermal FEA

Materials Selection, Prototyping and testing

Polymers, conductive polymers, adhesives, epoxies, UV curable materials, thermal testing, mechanical testing, materials characterization, materials selection

Network Communications Systems Design and Testing

Network architecture, equipment selection, network design, component testing, equipment testing, link testing, transceiver testing, optical systems design, optical component design, fiber optic systems, fiber optic systems testing, optical component testing, electro-optic component testing

Manufacturing Equipment Design, Integration and Test

Automated machine design, robotics, systems engineering, process engineering, reliability testing and analysis, DFM, Quality Assurance process development, QC testing

Product Development

Concept development, proof of concept prototyping, systems engineering, requirements analysis, product architecture, software architecture, system architecture, market requirements assessment, reliability analysis, prototyping, Rapid Prototyping

Project Management

Project planning, risk management and mitigation, risk assessment, Quality Assurance process development


Fiber-optic systems testing, optical component testing, electro-optic component testing, thermal testing, mechanical testing, materials characterization, system integration and test, reliability testing, QC testing. PCB testing, electronic component testing, software module testing