Manufacturing Services:

Engineering prototype manufacturing
FNE can perform low volume manufacturing of electronic, electro-optic and mechanical components and sub-systems. For medium size volume FNE utilizes ISO qualified manufacturing partners, both locally and abroad.
Products that are at end of life, which are typically low volume.
FNE can take over low volume low or negative profit product lines that are required for customer relations management. Removing these products from your manufacturing floor can free up valuable space, reduce high overhead staff and in many cases return these products to profitability while they are being phased out or replaced.
Modifications to products
Products that require modification to accommodate requirement changes or new customer's requirements. FNE can take an existing product and make modifications for small runs for customer evaluation or low volume production. We can provide the engineering, design and documentation required by your customers.
Transferring to high volume manufacturing
 FNE can assist companies in transferring their products to large contract manufacturers both in the US and abroad. We have hands on experience in transferring  products to large CM's located in Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia and China.